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Ph: +255 23 2334482/2334483, Email:

Bachelor of Philosophy with Education

This is a 3 years Bachelor Program designed to prepare students for a career as professional

philosopher and teacher. When a student complets BAPHILED S/he is empowered with:

  • Knowledge of a Philosopher and a Teacher
  • Philosophical and Teaching Skills
  • Philosophical and Teaching competences
Moreover, these employment opportunities are some of what a student can become upon completion of the Program:
  • Philosopher – a person who through his/her logical reasoning abilities finds solution to society’s problems
  • Teacher – a person who helps others how to attain and use the skills s/he possesses
  • Innovator (an innovative person)
  • Creator (a creative person)
  • Self-employed in NGOs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • And Much more

Furthermore, the program intends to prepare teachers and personnel for educational institutes. To equip teachers with sounding philosophical knowledge that can be used in activities such as dialogue, reconciliation, and peacemaking.


It should be noted that students in this program also take Educational and Institutional courses as indicated in Bachelor of Arts with Education. They also take one teaching subject from Linguistics, Literature, Kiswahili, Literature, History, Geography, Mathematics, Accounting, Commerce or Economics from the BAED program.

 Entry requirements:
A. Direct entry requirements
  1. At least three “O” level credit passes in approved subjects, one of which must be English Language
  2. At least two principal passes (D and above) in the appropriate Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalent, and must have grade point average of not less than 4.5 where A = 5, B= 4, C=3, D=2, E=1. S=0.5, F=0
B.   Applicants seeking admission under the Equivalent Qualifications
  1. At least three “O” level credit passes in relevant subjects, one of which must be English
  2. A recognized Diploma in Education with at least grade B average in the subjects they wish to study at degree level, and also pass the university entrance examination whereapplicable
C.   Applicants seeking admission under the Mature Entry Scheme
  1. They must be 25 years old and above
  2. Must have obtained at least three credits passes in approved “O” level subjects or attended form six at least five years before the year for which admission is sought